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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Style

Ok, I have a lot of figuring out to do here! Not sure how I'm going to get 600 recipes on a blog, or if I'm just going to let go of the whole "Steph's Kitchen" notion as I've known it and just totally revamp and start over. I'm leaning towards just refreshing my style as it has evolved over the past few years and going from there. That still doesn't help me with how to keep so many recipes organized and easily accessible on a blog, but...I'm gonna peck away at this and see what happens! I did add the search tool, as well as the label feature, which should help make recipe searching quicker and easier.

On an ironic note, my new blog is coming about on some of the warmest days we've had this summer, which in turn makes me not want to cook much. Tonight we're going out for dinner (delish local pizza joint), I'm working the next two nights and Saturday we're having dinner at my brother's. I won't actually cook a meal until Sunday. Go figure.

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